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The wellness path of the Mirage Panta Rei Spa plays skillfully with the contrasts of nature to create a unique and welcoming relaxing environment.
Warm and cold, light and shadow, awake the five senses giving a pleasant and total state of relaxation and a new dimension of serenity. The wellness area of ​​the Mirage Panta Rei Spa starts with a hot hydromassage pool with an amazing view of the natural paradise of the Gulf of Arzachena and of the Maddalena Archipelago. The wellness path continue with a sensory journey in an intimate atmosphere of colors, sweet essences, natural and meditative sounds, to calm the mind and make you feel authentic emotions. The wellness program includes: a cascade of salt for body scrubs, a Turkish steam bath flavored with natural essences with purifying and balsamic principles, a regenerating and energizing sauna, emotional showers to remove stress thanks to the benefits of color therapy, a pool with whirlpools for cradle the body and eliminate tension, tepidarium, fitness gym, relaxation room.
The Wellness philosophy embraces first of all the spiritual and soul dimension to dedicate then at the deep care of the body

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Hydromassage Pool with seaview

The hydromassage not only immediately relaxes the body and muscles, but above all, thanks to the power of water, has a strong calming effect and allows you to find relaxation and psycho-physical balance.

Sensorial shower

Here every colour is combined with a scent and aroma- A combination of elements that donates a positive effect on mind and body circulation.

Steam bath

The Steam bath facilitates the elimination of dead cells and therefore the regeneration of the skin, leaving it softer and velvety. The Turkish Bath is a balsamic remedy, ideal for cooling diseases, sinusitis, to relax muscles, eliminate nervous tension and promote blood circulation.


A ritual and an ancient tradition coming from northern Europe, which exploits heat (up to 100 ° C) with low humidity transforming the sauna into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and promotes the purification of the body.

Relax Room

After regenerating your body and spirit with the wellness program inside the spa or with one of the proposed massages and spa rituals, relax your muscles and enjoy an herbal tea in the rest room or in the outside area lying on one of the comfortable lounge chairs admiring the sea.